Oakland Sewer Repair Companies Not Disclosing That They Can’t Dig In The Street – Beware

Oakland sewer repair is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to contract because the lure of fast money is corrupting some otherwise honest contractors.  There are plumbers in Oakland who don’t have the required license to help people get the EBMUD Oakland sewer certificate.   Since January 16th 2012 the Oakland private sewer lateral ordinance has been in effect.  The new Oakland private sewer ordinance mandates that all properties being sold pass an Oakland sewer lateral test using either air or water.  This means that in order to close escrow on the sale of their property sellers must get and pass an Oakland sewer test to receive the Oakland sewer certificate which is good for 20 years.

Now that the Oakland sewer certificate is required many property owners and buyers find themselves in need of Oakland trenchless sewer repair to obtain the sewer certificate to close escrow.  Recently people involved in real estate transactions have been calling Oakland plumbers to get the sewer test.  During the air or water test the private sewer lateral fails the test which forces the people involved in the real estate transaction to have an Oakland sewer replacement done.  The problem is that many Oakland plumbers don’t have the required C-42 Sanitation Systems license and can only repair the sewer lateral on the property meaning if the problem is in the street they can’t fix it.  Many homeowners say they don’t tell them this until they have already repaired the portion of the sewer line they could.  This wastes time and ultimately leads to thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs for the homeowner.

Obtaining the Oakland sewer certificate is serious business.  You should be cautious  when hiring an Oakland sewer repair plumber.  Make sure that the Oakland plumber has a license that allows them to do all the required work.  Here is an example of a bad situation:

  • Oakland Sewer Repair Is Needed To Close Escrow – Buyer or seller calls a plumber to do the sewer repair.  The plumber has a license but it doesn’t allow them to dig in the street.  Instead of informing the homeowner that they can’t do the work the plumber takes advantage of the need to close escrow and replaces the portion of the sewer line they are allowed to even if it doesn’t require repair.  Then when sewer line fails the test again they say they can’t dig in the street and to call someone who can.

Be careful when deciding who the best Oakland plumber is for your specific situation before signing a contract.

Oakland Sewer Inspection – Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance

Everyone living in the East Bay region wants to keep San Francisco Bay clean for now and future generations. The Oakland Sewer Lateral Ordinance is part of the plan to accomplish that goal. As of January 16, 2012, all buyers and sellers of property must ensure that they are in compliance with the new law.

Sewer laterals are the sections of sewer pipe from the home or business to the street and the maintenance of this pipe is the responsibility of the property owner. Many in the area are older, clay pipes that are cracked and leaking. When rainwater leaks into the cracks, it flows into the sewer system. The excess water can overwhelm the sewage treatment system and the untreated water can be released into the Bay. The cities in the area, through the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD), have been charged by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) to instigate sewer lateral ordinances. The public will rely on Oakland sewer repair contractors to perform the needed work on properties and ensure compliance with the law.

The Oakland sewer lateral ordinance applies to any property, home or business, which is bought or sold. Paying for the inspection and possible repairs is a decision that should be negotiated between buyer and seller. The ordinance also applies to any building or remodeling project over $100,000 or if the water meter size is changed. 

To ensure compliance with the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance, property owners should follow these steps:
1.    Have the property checked out by someone who understands the need for an Oakland sewer inspection to pass the ordinance. It is important to hire a contractor who will perform the correct Oakland sewer test.
2.    If work is needed, have an Oakland sewer repair contractor complete the needed repairs or replacement of the line. Any contractor doing sewer repair in Oakland will understand the ordinance and be able to ensure compliance.
3.    The contractor performing sewer repair in Oakland will then have the property inspected again for compliance. The repaired or replaced line must pass the Oakland sewer test before the process can be advanced.
4.    If the property passes the Oakland sewer inspection either with or without repairs, the next step is to schedule an inspection by EBMUD.
5.    If the property passes the EBMUD inspection, the property owner can download and print the proper certificate which will be given to the new property owner.

Once the Oakland Sewer Certificate is issued, it is good for 20 years. The quality of the Bay will be protected for future generations.