Oakland PSL Certificate

Get Your Oakland PSL Certificate Fast

If you are buying a home in Oakland California your Realtor has probably informed you that you need to obtain an Oakland PSL Certificate to close escrow.  The only way to get the PSL Certificate is to have an Oakland sewer test performed on the homes private sewer lateral.  Only licensed plumbers can get the sewer certificate for you.  The process is simple.  A licensed plumber will access the sewer line from one end of the pipe after capping the other end.  The sewer line can then be tested with either air or water to see if it leaks.  If it doesn’t leak EBMUD can issue you a PSL Certificate.  If it does leak then Oakland sewer repair will be required to get the problem fixed.

Oakland Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair in Oakland is the easiest way to make sure that all of the sewer leaks are fixed correctly and it is also a way to get the PSL Certificate guaranteed.  Trenchless sewer replacement in Oakland can usually be completed in as little as one day.  If you are currently in escrow to buy or sell a house in Oakland and you need to obtain the PSL Certificate make sure you do your due diligence before selecting a plumber to work with.

Oakland Sewer Testing Scams

We have heard of many people posing as licensed plumbers who are not.  These people have been representing themselves saying they are capable of performing Oakland sewer testing.  The problem is that they are not qualified to get you the PSL certificate.  It is important to be patient and make sure that you are going with a known expert or at least somebody who is licensed and can help you get the sewer certificate to close escrow fast.

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