Berkeley Sewer Repair

Berkeley Sewer Repair and Replacement

Berkeley sewer repair is more common these days because of the sewer ordinance that is in effect.  If you need to have sewer cleaning or sewer repair in Berkeley it is important to do your homework.  Plumbing-Information.Org is an excellent resource for identifying qualified Berkeley sewer repair and replacement professionals.  The contractors here are experienced and know the permit and inspection process.

Sewer Repair in Berkeley CA

Berkeley residents have been affected by the sewer lateral ordinance since 2006.  Berkeley sewer repair and replacement is now very common.  The goal of the ordinance is to reduce the amount of storm water that enters into the sewer system.  It was estimated that half of the water being treated at the sewage treatment facility was clean storm water.  This means that it was unnecessarily expensive so the ordinance was passed. As a result homeowners in Berkeley who have a sewer line that is more than 20 years old will have to have it replaced under certain conditions.  In some cases sewer repair can be performed in Berkeley but in many situations sewer replacement is required.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Berkeley

Berkeley trenchless sewer repair contractors are available to replace old sewer lines that do not comply with the ordinance. Since prices may vary significantly it is important to get estimates from more than one contractor.  Trenchless sewer replacement in Berkeley is usually done using the pipe bursting method.  This means that an access point is dug at each end of the pipe.  Then a cable is run through the old line.  Then the cable is used to pull a new pipe right through the old one.  The new pipe being pulled through causes the old pipe to break around it.

Berkeley Sewer Repair Companies

Here are some reputable Berkeley sewer repair companies people can contact for more information about sewer repair in Berkeley or the ordinance.

Berkeley Sewer Repair – Evenflow Plumbing is the Gold Standard when it comes to sewer repair in Berkeley.  They beat any written estimate and their work comes with a good guarantee.

Sewer Repair in Berkeley – is an excellent choice for Berkeley sewer repair.  They have over 18 years of experience and they are 100% committed to customer service.

Berkeley Sewer Repair Contractors – Bay Area Sewers is a premier provider of sewer repair and replacement services in Berkeley.  They have over 15 years of experience and they own all of their own equipment.

Berkeley Sewer Repair – Here is an informative video regarding sewer repair in Berkeley.  The video also shows a sewer replacement in progress.

For more information consumers are invited to reach out to the companies listed above.  It is always the best choice to do your research before hiring a contractor for Berkeley sewer repair.

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