Oakland Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair and Replacement in Oakland

Oakland sewer repair or testing is now required in certain real estate transactions.  If you live in certain Bay Area communities, you may be affected by the Oakland PSL ordinance. The PSL ordinance, or private sewer lateral ordinance, is being rolled out in six East Bay communities: El Cerrito, Oakland, Piedmont, Kensington, Emeryville and Richmond Annex. Separate programs are also being instituted in Alameda, Berkeley and Albany. To obtain a certificate, you will need to hire an Oakland sewer repair contractor to assess the sanitary sewer lines on your property. Many property owners have already had sewer inspections in Oakland and have obtained their certificates, so it’s not difficult.

Why is the Oakland PSL Ordinance Happening?

As a resident of the Bay Area, you would probably like to keep the Bay as pristine as possible. The main purpose of the Oakland PSL ordinance is to do precisely that. Currently, many of the sanitary sewer lines in the East Bay are extremely old and in very poor condition. Rainwater is able to infiltrate them. When it does, local waste water treatment facilities are overburdened, and partially treated and untreated sewage is released into the Bay. The ordinance is designed to ensure that Oakland sewer testing is performed around the area.

Do You Need Oakland Sewer Repair?

It’s natural to assume that you’d already know whether or not you need Oakland sewer repairs. However, sanitary sewer lines on your property could have cracks and other damage that don’t result in any outward signs of trouble. You can’t obtain the necessary certificate by simply stating that your property has no sewer issues. Oakland sewer testing is required, and you can only obtain the certificate that you need by having an Oakland sewer repair contractor assess your sanitary sewer lines. In the event that the sewer lines are deemed to be in good working order, you’ll be given your certificate.

Handling Sewer Repairs in Oakland

Due to the new ordinance, more people are seeking sewer repair in Oakland CA than ever. In most cases, the contractor that conducts the inspection can perform the necessary repairs as well. Once the repairs have been made, you will be given your certificate. While no one savors the idea of paying to have repairs made, it’s for the greater good of the environment. No one wants the Bay to become hopelessly polluted. Under the current circumstances, damaged sewer lines pose a serious threat to the health of the Bay.

Get the Work Done Now

The first step in coming into compliance with the new ordinance is to set up an inspection. There are plenty of companies that perform sewer inspections in Oakland, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the help you need. There’s a good chance that at least one of the sewer lines will require repairs. Make sure to hire a company that can also perform a sewer repair in Oakland CA to avoid having to hire another contractor. The work should be done promptly. As soon as it’s finished, you will be given the necessary certificate and will be in compliance with the Oakland PSL ordinance.  Evenflow Plumbing is an excellent option for sewer repair in Oakland.